Rocking Robin

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The Kit Kemp Design Studio has collaborated with Porta Romana to create the new Rocking Robin light collection. Forever inspired by the freedom of Alexander Calderís mobile and stabile designs, the glowing suspended porcelain eggs give off a warm light that we hope emulates new beginnings. In the natural world, nothing is ever static and if you listen hard enough you can also hear the trees singing, whispering pines, falling branches, crackling leaves, the steady hum buzzing through the green. For this collection, we have been inspired by early morning walks through Britainís forests. We have designed six different lighting styles. Each design has a branch-like frame, softened with organic twine, accompanied by a beautifully crafted funky robin and a glorious warm glowing egg. We want to bring the outside into your home. Available in natural porcelain or, as we really just couldnít resist, a colourful combination that will rock any room! Size Height - 92cm Width - 130cm 6- 8 weeks lead time